Hisense 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner With Wi-Fi Review (2024)

Available exclusively at Lowe's and designed for small to medium spaces, the Hisense 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner With Wi-Fi can be controlled using your smartphone and easily moved from room to room. At $369 it's a bit more expensive than most similarly powered non-connected portable air conditioners, and it doesn't work with other smart home devices. But it's very quiet, easy to install, and does a great job of cooling. And it stays connected to your Wi-Fi network much more reliably than the Frigidaire Gallery 12,000 BTU Cool Connect Smart Portable Air Conditioner.

Design and Features

There's nothing fancy about the Hisense AC. It measures 28.1 by 17.4 by 12.5 inches (HWD) and has a dark gray finish that will blend in with most home décor. The Frigidaire Cool Connect, on the other hand, is much taller (36.8 inches) and has a far more distinctive look. The Hisense weighs in at 64.4 pounds and has four good-sized casters on its base that make it easy to move across any type of flooring, including thick carpeting. It comes with a window slider kit, two exhaust adapters, an exhaust tube, foam insulation, a remote, and a user guide.

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The AC offers 10,000 BTUs of cooling power and is designed for rooms up to 300 square feet in size. It has a built-in dehumidifier, and as is the case with the Frigidaire unit, it uses a large, bulky exhaust hose to expel warm air. The white exhaust tube measures 6 inches in diameter and can be stretched from 20 to a maximum of 64 inches. It uses adapters to attach to an opening on the adjustable window vent panel and an exhaust slot on the back of the unit. Also around back are two drain plugs and a removable air filter.

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At the top of the AC is a control panel with buttons for Power, Mode (Cool, Dry, Fan), Fan Speed (High, Med, Low), Timer Mode, and Sleep Mode. It also has an LCD panel that displays the current room temperature that briefly displays your temperature target when programming the unit. A round LCD on the front displays the same information and is large and bright enough to read from across the room. Also at the top of the unit, behind a 12.4-by-4.2-inch panel, is a cool air outlet and multi-directional diffuser. The panel remains closed when the AC is not in operation and automatically opens when you begin a cooling cycle.

The unit offers multiple operating modes that can be enabled using the included 14-button remote or with the free mobile app (Android and iOS). In addition to Cooling, Dry, and Fan modes, Smart mode uses a preset target temperature based on the current room temperature; Super mode automatically sets the target temperature to 61 degrees and the fan to auto; Sleep mode utilizes lower fans speeds; and Swing mode changes the airflow direction. A 2-inch LCD on the remote displays the current and set-point temperatures and the current time and timer settings. It also has status indicators for each mode, fan speed, and signal strength.

The mobile app opens to a screen that lists all installed Hisense devices. The Portable AC tab shows the current temperature and the last active mode and has an On/Off button. Tapping the AC tab takes you to a page that shows the current environment temperature as well as the current target temperature. You can use the plus and minus buttons to change the target temperature, and the power button to turn the AC on and off.

The app also lets you change modes and fan speeds, change the direction of airflow, enable Sleep and Super modes, and dim the LCD lights. You can also share control of the AC with other users via an email invitation and create a favorite preset. What you can't do is control it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands, or have it interact with other smart devices. It also lacks the handy usage reporting feature that you got with the now-discontinued Quirky Aros.

Installation and Performance

Setting up the unit was very easy. I rolled it into place in my son's 12-by-10 foot room and installed the window kit, using the included foam insulation to seal any openings. I attached the exhaust tube to the AC and to the window kit, plugged in the unit, and downloaded the app. I then created an account and tapped the plus button to add a new device. I tapped the Swing button on the AC six times, which caused it to beep and the display to read 77. I then used my phone's Wi-Fi settings to connect to the AC, returned to the app, and selected the AC as my device. I entered my home Wi-Fi SSID and password when prompted, entered a name for the AC, and was good to go.

It did an excellent job of cooling. It brought the temperature in my son's 120-square foot bedroom down from 82 degrees to 69 degrees in around 20 minutes while the outdoor temperature was 88 degrees. While not dead silent it is hands down the quietest air conditioner I've ever heard. Both the remote and the mobile app worked wonderfully, changing modes, temperature, and fan settings immediately. The timer also worked flawlessly, and the Wi-Fi radio never lost connectivity, a problem that plagues the Fridigaire unit.


The Hisense 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner With Wi-Fi may not be the smartest air conditioner out there, but it is certainly one of the quietest. It did an excellent job of cooling in our tests, and unlike the Frigidaire Cool Connect, it never lost its connection to my Wi-Fi router. Both the mobile app and the included remote are very responsive and easy to use, and the unit's wheels make it easy to roll around the house no matter the type of flooring. Granted, you don't get the kind of cooling power that you get with the Frigidaire portable model, but it is almost $300 cheaper. While a few extra smart features, such as Alexa voice control, interaction with other connected devices, and usage reporting would be welcome, the Hisense is still a very good choice for a smart portable air conditioner.

Hisense 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner With Wi-Fi


Check Stock$514.00 at Walmart

MSRP $369.00


  • Easy to relocate and install.

  • Quiet operation.

  • Built-in dehumidifier.

  • Large temperature readout.



  • Bulky exhaust tube.

  • Does not interact with other smart home devices.

  • No usage reporting.

The Bottom Line

The Hisense 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner With Wi-Fi can be moved from room to room with very little effort and controlled using your smartphone.

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Hisense 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner With Wi-Fi Review (2024)


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