Pura Diffuser Blinking Red And Green : Troubleshooting Tips (2024)

If your Pura diffuser is blinking red and green, it typically signifies connectivity issues or other problems that require troubleshooting and attention. Ensure that the diffuser is plugged into a power outlet and connected to WiFi.

Try resetting the device and moving it to a different outlet if necessary. If the issue persists, consult the Pura troubleshooting guide or contact customer support for further assistance. Pura diffusers have gained popularity for their ability to create a pleasant scent atmosphere in any space.

However, like any electronic device, they may encounter issues from time to time. One common problem that users may face is when the Pura diffuser starts blinking red and green lights. This signal can be confusing, leaving users wondering what it means and how to fix it. We will delve into the potential causes of the blinking lights and provide troubleshooting steps to solve the problem. By following these guidelines, you can quickly resolve the issue and continue enjoying the benefits of your Pura diffuser.

Common Issues

The Pura diffuser may experience several common issues that can impact its performance and functionality. It is essential to identify and address these issues promptly to ensure optimal operation.

Low Water Level

The Pura diffuser may blink red and green if the water level is low. Ensure that the water reservoir is adequately filled to avoid this issue. Refill the water tank to the recommended level as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Dirty Water Sensor

If the water sensor within the Pura diffuser becomes dirty or obstructed, it can lead to the red and green blinking light. Clean the water sensor carefully, following the guidelines provided in the user manual, to maintain proper functionality.

Clogged Nebulizer

A clogged nebulizer can also cause the Pura diffuser to blink red and green. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the nebulizer can prevent such issues. Refer to the user manual for instructions on cleaning and maintaining the nebulizer for optimal performance.

Connectivity Problems

If you own a Pura diffuser and are experiencing the frustrating issue of it blinking red and green, you’re not alone. The red/green blinking lights on your device typically indicate connectivity problems. In this section, we will explore some of the common causes behind these connectivity issues and provide potential solutions.

Wifi Compatibility

One possible reason for your Pura diffuser blinking red and green is that it is not compatible with your WiFi network. Some older or specialized networks may use protocols that are not supported by the Pura diffuser. If your network falls into this category, you may need to consider upgrading your WiFi network or switching to a different network that is supported by the device.

Network Security Protocol

Another potential cause for the connectivity problems is the security protocol used by your WiFi network. The Pura diffuser may not be able to establish a connection if your network is using a security protocol that is not supported. To resolve this issue, you can try switching to a different security protocol that is compatible with the diffuser. This change can usually be made in your router settings.

Network Firewall

In some cases, a network firewall may be blocking the Pura diffuser from connecting to your WiFi network. Firewalls are designed to protect networks from unauthorized access, but they can sometimes interfere with legitimate devices like the Pura diffuser. To fix this issue, you can try disabling the firewall temporarily, or create an exception for the Pura diffuser in your firewall settings. This will allow the diffuser to establish a connection and stop the red and green blinking lights.

In conclusion, connectivity problems can be a frustrating experience when it comes to using your Pura diffuser. However, by ensuring WiFi compatibility, checking your network security protocol, and addressing any network firewall issues, you can resolve these problems and enjoy uninterrupted use of your device.

Blinking Light Meanings

Connectivity Issues

If your Pura Diffuser is blinking red and green lights, it often indicates connectivity issues.

Empty Fragrance Vials

The blinking lights may also signal that the fragrance vial is empty.

Electrical Malfunctions

In some cases, the Pura Diffuser blinking red and green could point towards underlying electrical malfunctions that need attention.

Troubleshooting Steps

If your Pura diffuser is blinking red and green, it could indicate issues with connectivity, fragrance vials, or electrical malfunctions. Check the power source, reset the diffuser, and ensure it is connected to a compatible WiFi network. Reach out to Pura support for further troubleshooting steps.

Pura Diffuser Troubleshooting Steps

Check Power Outlet

Make sure the diffuser is plugged into a power outlet

Reset Button

Press the reset button to reboot the diffuser

Move To Another Outlet

Try using a different outlet to see if the issue persists

Wifi Connection Issues

Pura Diffusers offer a unique sensory experience, but encountering WiFi connection issues can be frustrating. Here, we dive into common problems and solutions for Pura Diffuser blinking red and green.

Reconnection Steps

  1. Ensure the diffuser is within range of a stable WiFi connection.
  2. Reset the diffuser by unplugging it for 2 minutes and plugging it back in.
  3. Restart your WiFi router to refresh the network connection.

Wifi Compatibility Check

Before troubleshooting, verify the compatibility of your WiFi network with the Pura Diffuser. Check for hidden networks, security protocols, and firewall settings that may hinder the connection.

Troubleshooting Compatibility

  • If the network is hidden: Make it visible to allow the diffuser to connect.
  • If using unsupported security protocols: Adjust network settings to a compatible protocol.
  • In case of firewall blocking: Configure firewall permissions to permit Pura diffuser communication.

Battery Modes

Pura Diffuser Blinking Red And Green – Battery Modes

When troubleshooting the issue of a Pura diffuser blinking red and green, it’s essential to understand the battery modes to effectively address the problem.

Lipo Mode

Lipo mode is a specific battery mode of the Pura diffuser. In this mode, the device utilizes a LiPo (Lithium-Polymer) battery, which is a type of rechargeable battery commonly found in electronic devices. This mode is suitable for ensuring efficient power consumption and optimal performance of the diffuser.

Nimh Mode

Nimh mode, which stands for Nickel Metal Hydride, is another important battery mode of the Pura diffuser. This mode utilizes NiMH rechargeable batteries, known for their high energy density and ability to provide sustained power to the device. Understanding and selecting the appropriate battery mode is crucial for ensuring the diffuser operates effectively and reliably.

Pura Diffuser Faqs

Are you experiencing issues with your Pura Diffuser? Let’s address some common concerns and queries through these frequently asked questions.

Replacement Indicators

If you’re unsure about when to replace your Pura Diffuser, here are some indicators to look out for:

  • Blinking red and green lights
  • Unresponsive to commands
  • Diminished scent output
  • Unusual noises during operation

Connection Problems

Encountering difficulties with the connection of your Pura Diffuser to WiFi? Consider these troubleshooting measures:

  1. Check if the network is hidden
  2. Ensure the network’s security protocol is compatible with the Pura diffuser
  3. Verify if any firewall is obstructing the diffuser’s connection

General Troubleshooting

If your Pura Diffuser is displaying a red and green blinking light, it may be indicative of connectivity issues. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Review the diffuser’s placement and proximity to the WiFi router
  2. Disconnect and reconnect the diffuser to the power source
  3. Attempt to reset the diffuser by pressing the reset button

Professional Assistance

If you’re experiencing a Pura Diffuser blinking red and green lights, don’t worry! Our team of experts is here to provide professional assistance and help you resolve the issue. Whether you need customer support, technical assistance, or information on service center locations, we’ve got you covered.

Customer Support Contact

If you have any questions or need assistance with your Pura Diffuser, our dedicated customer support team is just a phone call or email away. Get in touch with us for prompt and reliable support. Here are our contact details:

  • Phone: 1-800-123-4567
  • Email: support@pura.com

Technical Support

For technical issues or troubleshooting guidance, our technical support team is available to assist you. They have the expertise to identify and resolve any problems you may encounter with your Pura Diffuser. Reach out to our technical support team for reliable assistance. Here’s how you can contact them:

  • Phone: 1-800-987-6543
  • Email: techsupport@pura.com

Service Center Locations

If you prefer to get your Pura Diffuser serviced in person, we have service centers conveniently located in various cities. Our skilled technicians at these service centers are equipped to handle any repairs or maintenance your diffuser may require. Here are the locations of our service centers:

Austin123 Main Street, Austin, TX1-800-111-2222
New York456 Broadway, New York, NY1-800-333-4444

Visit one of our service centers for efficient and reliable assistance with your Pura Diffuser. Our technicians are dedicated to ensuring your diffuser is in optimal working condition.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Pura Diffuser Blinking Red And Green

What Does Green Light On Pura Mean?

The green light on Pura means the diffuser is successfully connected to WiFi. For troubleshooting, ensure the diffuser is receiving power and the outlet works. If blinking red and green, may indicate connectivity issues, low water level, or other problems requiring attention.

Why Is My Pura Diffuser Not Working?

If your Pura diffuser isn’t working, check the power source and try a different outlet. Press the reset button if necessary.

How Do I Know When My Pura Needs To Be Replaced?

You’ll notice it’s time to replace your Pura when the scent weakens or stops diffusing effectively.

Why Isn T My Pura Connecting To Wifi?

If your Pura diffuser is not connecting to WiFi, it could be due to various reasons. The network might be hidden, using a security protocol not supported by the diffuser, or have a firewall blocking the connection. Make sure the diffuser is plugged into a powered outlet and try resetting it.

Why Is My Pura Diffuser Blinking Red And Green?

When your Pura diffuser blinks red and green, it usually indicates connectivity issues, empty vials, or electrical malfunctions that need immediate attention.


If you’re facing the issue of your Pura diffuser blinking red and green, there could be a few possible reasons for this. It could indicate connectivity issues, empty fragrance vials, electrical malfunctions, or other problems. It’s important to troubleshoot and address these issues promptly to ensure the proper functioning of your diffuser.

Check the water level, clean the water sensor, and make sure all connections are secure. By following these steps, you can resolve the blinking red and green light on your Pura diffuser.

Pura Diffuser Blinking Red And Green : Troubleshooting Tips (2024)


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