Why is My Pura Flashing Red and Green? - Causes +Fix (2024)

Opening your Pura aromatherapy diffuser only to be greeted by a frustrating blink of red and green lights can be disheartening. But don’t let the cryptic flashing worry you too much! This common visual pattern simply signals standard connectivity or functionality issues needing some quick troubleshooting love before delightful diffusing can resume.

Consider the light combo your Pura device’s helpful way of alerting you to swiftly identify and remedy the root triggers disrupting operation. Once decoded, most blinking causes have simple DIY fixes to get aromas perfuming the air again in no time.

But what exactly causes a Pura to blink in red and green? The frustrating flashes typically boil down to just a handful of common culprits – Wi-Fi network disruptions, depleted oil supplies needing a quick vial swap, electrical shorts from minor internal damage or typical wear-and-tear, and other basic technical glitches. Understanding the shortlist equips you to swiftly pinpoint solutions.

So take a deep breath and relax! With the right troubleshooting tips, a blinking Pura diffuser is no match for your aromatherapy restoration plans.

We’ll explore the quick fixes to understand device error codes, remedy potential issues, and enjoy wafting fragrances sooner than you might expect. Read on to become a Pura blinking light diagnosis expert in no time!

Why is My Pura Flashing Red and Green? - Causes +Fix (1)

Opening your Pura diffuser’s lid to a frustrating blink of red and green lights can quickly dampen your aromatherapy relaxation plans. But don’t let these cryptic indicator flashes worry you!

This common visual pattern simply signals standard connectivity or functionality issues needing some quick troubleshooting attention before diffusing delightful scents can resume.

Consider the blinking combo your diffuser’s way of alerting you to swiftly identify and remedy the root triggers. Once decoded, most blinking causes have simple DIY fixes to get your Pura working optimally again.

So let’s dive into decoding exactly why your Pura may be blinking red and green and the best troubleshooting tips to stop the frustrating flashes.

Why is My Pura Flashing Red and Green? – Reasons

Pinpointing the root cause of your diffuser’s blinking light pattern is key to getting aromatherapy relaxation flowing again quickly.

Here are the 4 most common triggers behind a Pura blinking red and green:

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems
  • Issues with Router, Modem or Internet
  • Empty or Low Fragrance Vials
  • Damaged Physical Components

Understanding these categories helps narrow down solutions. Let’s explore what specific problems can arise in each area to make your Pura blink:

#1: Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

Since Pura diffusers* utilize Wi-Fi* to enable app connectivity and remote controls, wireless communication disruptions are a very common blinking culprit.

Potential Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems Include:

  • Weak router signal– Thick walls, long distances, interference, and old routers degrade signal strength between the network and diffuser
  • Network congestion– Too many high bandwidth devices like video streamers overloading the router capacity
  • Incorrect Wi-Fi password– Double check credentials if lights return post-reset
  • General wireless interference– Nearby electronics emitting electromagnetic interference

If you’ve ruled out other causes, Wi-Fi problems likely need addressing first.

#2: Issues With Network Equipment

Problems with the core network equipment from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can also easily trigger blinking:

  • Faulty router hardware – Defective antennas, overheating processors, or electrical shorts.
  • Power outages – Loss of power resets networks, temporarily disrupting connectivity.
  • Firmware bugs – Problematic router firmware preventing Pura-network pairing.
  • ISP network disruptions – Regional ISP outages knocking out home Wi-Fi.

#3: Empty or Low Fragrance Supply

Don’t let your diffusing get interrupted simply because oil vials run low! The blinking light combo helpfully alerts you it’s time to promptly swap out depleted fragrance vials.

The ultrasonic vibration plate relies on liquid contact to effectively diffuse oils. Running your Pura on empty can cause functional issues. Thankfully, the Pura app also pushes handy notifications to promptly remind you it’s time to reorder replacements.

#4: Damaged Physical Components

Finally, if any internal electrical pieces sustain damage from drops, leaks, or normal long-term wear and tear, resulting electrical shorts can also trigger blinking when powering on:

  • Faulty wiring – Frayed cords, damaged ports unable to provide steady power flow.
  • Leaking tanks or cracks – Leaks from cracked oil tanks or water damage.
  • Blocked air vents – Hot diffusers need functioning side ventilation to prevent overheating shutdowns.

Now that you know why your Pura might be blinking, let’s get to the good stuff – stopping the frustrating flashes!

How to Fix a Pura Blinking Red and Green Lights?

Follow this simple troubleshooting sequence to swiftly track down the trigger behind your blinks:

1. Reset Your Pura Diffuser

Begin troubleshooting by performing a factory reset:

  • Unplug completely.
  • Locate the tiny reset button underneath the removable lid.
  • Press and hold for 10-15 seconds until the lights confirm the reset.
  • Plug back in and test.

Resetting often resolves connectivity issues disrupting normal function. If blinking continues, move to the next steps targeting wiring and Wi-Fi.

2. Verify Your Wi-Fi Connection

If your reset Pura is still blinking, wireless network problems might be the culprit:

  • Reboot your router if needed to revive the signal
  • Temporarily move Pura closer to assess router signal strength
  • Check the manufacturer’s website for any firmware updates to install
  • Restart the phone/tablet and retry connecting to the network

This helps confirm a router signal issue before investigating other potential blinking causes.

3. Check Fragrance Vial Levels

If Wi-Fi seems solid, next inspect if it’s simply time to swap depleted oil vials:

  • Use Pura app notifications to monitor supply levels
  • Replace empty fragrance vials triggering blinking
  • Keep extra vials on hand for easy ongoing swaps

4. Inspect Electrical Components

For probable electrical shorts from damage, contact Pura Support about warranty replacement:

  • Check the power light when plugged in
  • Listen for odd noises signaling issues
  • Inspect for visible damage to vials, cables, etc.

Still stumped? One last step:

5. Contact Pura’s Customer Service

With no luck stopping blinking, Pura’s support team can provide tailored guidance:

  • Note when issues began and troubleshooting attempted
  • Check the warranty status on your device
  • Answer questions about purchase dates, model numbers, etc.

Equipped with details, Pura can walk you through additional device-specific fixes or next steps if needed.

Handy Tips to Prevent Future Pura Blinking Issues

Utilize these best practices to keep your Pura diffusing delightful scents smoothly for years:

  • Position away from direct sun, heat, and humidity
  • Only use official Pura-brand fragrance vials
  • Enable app reminders so vial levels never drop too low
  • Check the manufacturer’s website monthly for firmware updates
  • Clean the exterior with a dry cloth only to prevent internal damage
  • Avoid overloading electrical circuits Pura is plugged into
  • Keep away from electronics which may cause Wi-Fi interference

Following simple guidelines optimizes performance and prevents many blinking triggers!

FAQs on Why is My Pura Flashing Red and Green?:

Still, seeking some extra troubleshooting wisdom? Here are answers to 10 frequently asked questions:

  • Why does my Pura keep blinking red and green?

The red/green blinking typically signals connectivity issues, empty fragrance vials, electrical malfunctions or other problems requiring swift attention before proper diffusing can resume.

  • Why won’t my Pura diffuser connect to Wi-Fi?

Start with a factory reset. Relocate closer to the router, check for firmware updates, restart the phone/tablet app, and contact support if wireless issues continue despite basic troubleshooting.

  • How do I reset my Pura diffuser?

Press and hold the small reset button on the front under the lid for 10+ seconds with the device unplugged from power first.

  • Why does my Pura blink green?

Solid green light indicates powered on and ready for use. If it persists despite troubleshooting, replace fragrance vials, reset device, or contact support.

  • Should I add water to my Pura?

No, the Pura relies solely on oil-based fragrance vials. Adding water or oils risks damaging the diffuser.

  • When should I replace my Pura diffuser?

If it persistently blinks despite troubleshooting, contact support about replacement options either under warranty or for a replacement fee depending on age.

  • Why does my Pura keep blinking after I reset it?

Try holding the reset button for 30+ seconds to force a deeper factory reset. Thoroughly inspect power and Wi-Fi connections afterwards, contacting support if blinking won’t stop.

  • What does the Pura aromatherapy app do?

The app monitors fragrance levels, controls diffuser settings like timers, and sends handy notifications so you know when it’s time to replace empty vials.

  • Can I use any fragrance oils in my Pura?

For safety and performance reasons, Pura recommends only using their branded, pre-filled fragrance vials tested for optimal diffusion.

  • How often should I clean my Pura diffuser?

Pura recommends wiping down the outer shell with a clean, dry cloth as needed but cautions against submerging the electrical device or using liquids which may leak inside.

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While a Pura diffuser blinking red and green can halt your relaxation plans, identifying the simple trigger is key to resolving issues quickly.

Common culprits like Wi-Fi disruptions, fragrance vial refills, or electrical shorts often have fast DIY fixes.

Follow basic troubleshooting, lean on app alerts, and contact customer support to get your soothing aromatherapy flowing again in no time!

Why is My Pura Flashing Red and Green? - Causes +Fix (2024)


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