Winery Built on Mine Strikes Gold with Pura NFC Siding (2024)

Winery Built on Mine Strikes Gold with Pura NFC Siding (1)

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Winery Built on Mine Strikes Gold with Pura NFC Siding




In California Gold Rush country a local architect has created a one-of-a-kind tasting room and event venue that elegantly blends with the natural landscape. The siding material had to meet high standards of beauty, resilience, and practicality. Pura NFC Siding in New York Grey was chosen as the ideal choice, and we spoke with the architect to learn why.

Winery Built on Mine Strikes Gold with Pura NFC Siding (2)Sophisticated Pura NFC Siding in light-diffusing, matte Lumen Décor in New York Grey wraps the exterior of this elegant tasting room in the Amador County wine region, California. All project photos in this blog are courtesy of photographer @Paul Kozal.

Casino Mine Ranch is a family-owned winery and vineyard in Plymouth, California, part of the Amador County wine region. With a uniquely storied past, the winery is built over the former family gold mine where the wine is kept in the mine caves instead of wine cellars. Recently the owners, Rich and Jim Merryman, saw the need to expand their tasting room to accommodate their growing popularity. This distinctive business wanted a venue that was just as special as their location.

In contrast to the rustic, casual theme of other area tasting rooms, co-owner Jim Merryman wanted to set their tasting room apart. He imagined a sophisticated, modern event space that rose from the landscape as if it was part of it, for hosting wine tastings, live music, and private events.

Respected area architect Don Jacobs was entrusted with this dream.Mataverde spoke with Don about the singular building he designed that fulfilled the Merrymans' goals for their business. He shared the exterior design project criteria with us, including both aesthetic and practical considerations:

  • A seamless transition from the outside space to the inside space.
  • A sleek, modern look against that would be a neutral background to the visual drama of the curved roofline and the bright, dramatic interior.
  • Low maintenance requirements and easy upkeep.
  • High resilience against damage for a commercial space.
  • Appropriate material for a Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) fire zone.
  • Pays homage to the impressive 80-year-old oak tree on the property (below) and the four-acre pond, by adding a neutral backdrop so the natural world can shine.

Winery Built on Mine Strikes Gold with Pura NFC Siding (3)The 80 year old Oak tree was already on the property and it was important to the co-owners to preserve the tree and incorporate it into the aesthetic of the tasting room.

Winery Built on Mine Strikes Gold with Pura NFC Siding (4)Aerial drone view of the tasting room site from the pond, with the Oak tree to the right of the building.

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Why Pura NFC Siding Was the Trusted Solution

Winery Built on Mine Strikes Gold with Pura NFC Siding (5)Guests to the tasting room and event venue are surrounded by the warm neutral gray entryway, deliberately contrasted with the bright green and earth tones of the landscape, also reflected in the interior.

Don detailed the reasons that led the project team to Pura NFC Siding by Trespa. First, since the project is located in a WUI (Wildland Urban Interface) fire zone area, appropriate siding material was required. Pura NFC by Trespa is Class A fire rated.

To achieve the sleek look he wanted, Don’s design called for a smooth and consistent matte color to wrap the building. He preferred a specific reveal for the horizontal installation, which was possible with Pura NFC.

After sifting through many alternative options, Pura NFC Siding in New York Gray Lumen décor rose to the top as the right choice. It not only meets aesthetic requirements but also delivers the practical durability needed.

Winery Built on Mine Strikes Gold with Pura NFC Siding (6)The welcoming view of the tasting room as guests pull up from the winding driveway

Winery Built on Mine Strikes Gold with Pura NFC Siding (7)

Swatch of New York Grey Pura Lumen décor PULl2581

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Practical and Handsome

The foremost consideration for the tasting room exterior was selecting a cladding material as refined as durable. Lumen décor’s unique light-diffusing finish creates a modern, neutral backdrop to the light and bright interior and patio. Don described Pura NFC New York Gray as a “handsome” aesthetic, creating an impressive curb appeal as guests approach the building.

When considering exterior siding for an outdoor event space, every owner knows that resistance to not only weather damage but also the rigor of public use is crucial. The following characteristics of Pura NFC assured the owners that minimal upkeep would be needed, a crucial factor for a busy commercial space.

Winery Built on Mine Strikes Gold with Pura NFC Siding (8)

Lumen light diffusing decors come in three versatile colors, Athens White, New York Grey, and Metropolis Black

For more inspiration and information download a copy of the

Pura NFC Siding Commercial Project Portfolio here:

Winery Built on Mine Strikes Gold with Pura NFC Siding (10)Another view on the guests approach, this time from the sidewalk. The light diffusing matte finish on the Pura Lumen Décor collection creates a visually neutral backdrop that lets the New York Grey blend with the surroundings and allows the landscaping to shine.

Pura NFC features:

  • Incredibly low maintenance. Using a patented electron beam curing process on the top layer, the finish and color is locked in and moisture and ground dirt is locked out.
  • Never needs painting or refinishing. The only regular requirement is cleaning as needed with soap and water, and almost anything washes off easily (including accidentally splashed red wine).
  • All Pura décor colors, including the darker hues, stay attractive under high UV exposure for years longer than other options. It is engineered with incredibly high resistance to fading and loss of finish.
  • The Amador County region has temperatures over 100 in the summer, so it imperative that the exterior siding will not warp or bend in high heat. Pura NFC has superior resistance to heat changes and keeps its shape over time.
  • High winds, storms, and everyday commercial wear and tear can create havoc to the attractiveness of an exterior. Pura NFC is proven to have excellent resilience, resisting hard impacts, scratching and cracking that would leave holes and splits in most other materials. Simply put, Pura NFC siding stays beautiful longer.

Pura NFC is confident enough to include a 10-year limited warranty on its performance. All of these characteristics are backed up by lab testing at Trespa headquarters, where they are committed to proving their product is as good as promised. If you want to learn more, view the video shorts of these tests for yourself here.

Intrigued with the potential of Pura NFC Lumen décor for your next project?

Seeing is believing, order your sample now:

Natural Landscape Married With Luxurious Flair

Winery Built on Mine Strikes Gold with Pura NFC Siding (12)The luxuriously appointed interior of the event venue and tasting room extends onto the large patio area. The earthy colors and warm lighting pop while the exterior becomes a backdrop, as designed.

For the design team and owners expansion wasn't just about adding square footage; it was about harmony with the landscape while keeping a modern feel. Beyond functionality, the owners sought a luxurious space suitable for private events. Pura NFC siding played a pivotal role in achieving this vision.

The selection of cool and neutral New York Gray on the exterior gently contrasts with the warm, natural earth tones of the interior space and patio. It also complements the gently sloping roof, mimicking the slope of property and letting the architectural detail speak for itself. Opting for a Pura Lumen décor imparted a matte, light-diffusing effect that contrasted beautifully with the earthy interior tones and expansive glass doors.

As guests drive up the long, winding drive around the lake, the tasting room comes into view giving them an impressive welcome. The completed exterior siding achieved the goal of exuding sophistication while subtly blending with the natural surroundings. This mindfulness of detail by the architect makes the tasting room feel visually grounded, and includes a wonderful backdrop to the old oak tree just outside.

Winery Built on Mine Strikes Gold with Pura NFC Siding (13)A drone aerial view shows the natural surroundings including the four-acre pond, the vines, and the 80-year old oak tree next to the tasting room.

With a four-acre pond at the entry, surrounded by willows, oaks, and pines, the site had a natural focus in addition to the vineyard. An oak tree with a spread of 80’ sits above the pond forming a part of the entry to the tasting room. With views to the pond and the event lawn below, … and to the distant hills beyond.

- Don Jacobs,

Satisfied Owners Now Have an Oasis for Guests

Winery Built on Mine Strikes Gold with Pura NFC Siding (14)

Now that the building is completed, Don tells us the Merrymans are delighted with the outcome. The choice of Pura NFC siding had proven to be a wise investment, meeting their expectations for aesthetics, durability, and low maintenance.

Impressed with the success of the project, Jim Merryman chose to use the same Pura NFC siding for the renovation of his own home across the property. A testament to their confidence in its capabilities.

In the story of this winery's expansion, Pura NFC siding stands out as a way to elevate aesthetics and durability of any commercial venue. With practical sophistication, it met and exceeded the expectations of both the architect and the property owners. As visitors flock in for fine wines and breathtaking views, they're greeted by an elegantly appointed oasis that will remain beautiful for years to come.

Architects and contractors know the transformative power of innovative exterior siding solutions. If you have an exterior siding design on the horizon, could Pura NFC be the right choice for your next project? Contact our team for more information, we are happy to help.

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Winery Built on Mine Strikes Gold with Pura NFC Siding (2024)


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